Susie Lanning Benton (89)


Susie (Tedhams) Lanning Benton, passed away June 3, 2014 at Laurels of Carson City after a long battle with Alzheimers.  She was born in Flint, Michigan on May 29, 1925, the daughter of Joseph and Marie (Chapman) Tedhams. 


She was a life-long resident of Stanton and Vestaburg areas.   She married Thomas Lanning in 1943.  They had five children:  Thomas, Wilson (Eddie), Rose Marie, Susie and Patricia.


Susie is survived by one son, Thomas (Alice) Lanning; one daughter, Susie Pena both of Stanton, 12 grandchildren and many great grandchildren and several great- great grandchildren and one son-in-law, Ramon Pena.


Susie was preceded in death by her parents, Joseph and Marie; two daughters, Rose Marie and Patricia Pena; a son, Wilson (Eddie) Lanning; her first husband, Thomas H. Lanning; her second husband, Otis Benton; a grandson, Thomas Pena; one great grandson, Gerald Lanning, II; a son-in-law, Rafael Pena, Jr. ; two brothers:  William and Robert Tedhams and a sister, Catherine Currier.


There will be no funeral service, a private family burial will be held at a later date.


Arrangements are being handled by Brigham Funeral Chapel in Edmore.


Condolences may be expressed to the family utilizing the guestbook below.






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  • Lorraine & Fred McLeod (Thursday, June 05 14 09:56 pm EDT)

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  • Martha Witzel & Art Adams (Thursday, June 05 14 09:51 pm EDT)

    So sorry to hear of the passing of Suzie. Prayers for the family at this difficult time.

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