Carrol Dale Watts


Carrol Dale Watts, 90, of Six Lakes, passed away on Friday, March 14, 2014 at Woodlands Hospice in Mount Pleasant after a brief illness.

Carrol  Watts was born on January 28, 1924 to Clifford and Rose Fleser Watts in Moline, Michigan.  The family moved to Six Lakes in 1936 where he attended Six Lakes High School.  He graduated in 1941.  After high school, he attended Central Michigan University and obtained a teaching degree.  He continued his education at University of Michigan.

On August 20, 1949, he married Verlene LaBelle Cornell in Six Lakes.  They enjoyed 60 years of marriage, ending with her death in 2010.  He was employed as a teacher and administrator for Benzonia, Six Lakes, and Montabella Schools, and retired after 31 years of service.

Carrol joined the Navy in 1942 and went on to serve in WWII on various submarines.  He was in the Naval Reserves and retired in 1984 with the ranking of Lieutenant Commander. 

He enjoyed dogs his entire life and raised some championship field beagles.  He loved fishing, hunting, golf and doing Sudoku puzzles.  Verlene and Carrol enjoyed traveling and visited 48 states.  He especially loved watching the sunset over Crystal Lake at their cottage in Beulah.  Some of his favorite times included spending time at the lake with his family.

He was a member of the New Life United Methodist Church in Lakeview, a member of the Six Lakes VFW, and faithfully served on the local zoning board since its inception.

Carrol will be deeply missed by his family, his children Wayne Watts of Six Lakes, and Loretta and Don Farrell of Delton, Michigan, 4 grandchildren; Ryan (Kelly), Rebecca (Andy), Nathan and Josiah; and 4 great-grandchildren, Lincoln, Jackson, Max and Drew.  Carrol was preceded in death by his parents and wife.


Visitation will be held at Brigham Funeral Home in Six Lakes, Michigan from 5-8 pm on Monday, March 17, 2014.   The funeral service will be held Tuesday, March 18, at 11:00 at New Life United Methodist Church with a luncheon to follow.  An open visitation will precede the service from 10-11.  Interment at Hillcrest Cemetery will take place with family at a later time.


Memorial contributions may be made to New Life United Methodist Church. 


Condolences to the family may be expressed utilizing the guestbook below.





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