Anna Jane Jansen


Mrs. Anna Jane Jansen, age 100, of Stanton, passed away Saturday, August 9, 2014 at Sisco Leisure Living. She was born June 17, 1914 in Gladwin, MI and married William George Jansen in 1931.  Together, working their farm, they raised five children.  Being the hard-working farm wife that she was, she usually canned 500 – 700 quarts of home grown vegetables per season for her family.  Anna also enjoyed her friends in the Windy Corner Club.


She was preceded in death by her parents and siblings; her husband, William; daughters:  Jerine & Carl Hool, Colleen & Art Hindy, Barbara & Pat Muringer, and Sharon Lee Jansen; and granddaughter, Debbie Hool.


Surviving are four generations of her descendants:  her son, Bill, Sr. & Louise Jansen; grandchildren: Rusty & Margaret Hool, Darlene & Al Walker, Rhonda & Jeff Muringer, Tim Hindy, Ronnie Hindy, Lori Hindy, Harlan & Diane Hindy, Bill Jansen, Jr., Cynthia Smith & John, Steven & Brenda Jansen, Michael & Beth Jansen; several great and great-great grandchildren.  


A Funeral Mass will be held on Wednesday, August 13, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. at the Brigham Funeral Chapel, 9977 W. Howard City – Edmore Rd, Lakeview, with Father Jim Wyse officiating.  Visitation will be Wednesday morning from 9 to 11 a.m. (2 hours prior to the service) at the funeral home. Interment will be in Hinton Township Cemetery.  


Condolences may be expressed to the family utilizing the guestbook below.





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  • Jim and Sharon (Grey) Martin (Tuesday, August 12 14 09:50 am EDT)

    We are sad to hear of Anna's passing, a part of our family we met on a much happier day, when we took her and her family to the graves of their grandparents.Thank you Tom for keeping us in touch, and
    our condolences to her family.

  • Keith Frye (Tuesday, August 12 14 10:28 am EDT)

    For nearly 20yrs we took our annual trip to deer camp a little piece of land in Lakeview Michigan, every year on the 13th of Nov Aunt Anne would be at the door waiting for her boys to show. "Butch,
    Keith, Matt, Al, Mark, and sometimes Andy," when he was back from the Army. How are my boys? That's what she wanted to know. Our answer was alway better since we're here with you.
    When dad called the other day to tell me aunt Anne had passed the first thing that I thought of was the Nov 13th days in Lakeview Michigan and the big smile from the little lady everyone called Aunt
    Anne, and how much fun and happiness was in that house in Lakeview Michigan,?

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